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Study Package Chemistry

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The objective of this Study Package app is to help students (up to year 8), study and remember some of the concepts of chemistry, in an entertaining and interactive way! Prof. Eggtop Ph. D and Gerald, will help you when they can.

There are many questions throughout this Study Package, which require you to think of an answer. To check to see if your answer was correct or not, drag the cover to reveal the details. Some questions require you to drag and drop the correct answer to the correct position. Repeating this many times helps you remember the correct answers!

This Study Package contains the following topics:
Properties of Matter
Particle Theory
Solids, Liquids, Gases
Solutions and Mixtures
Atoms and Molecules
Periodic Table

This application is meant to be used in conjunction with class notes, text books and teacher's guidance.

The key to this Study Package is repetition. The more times you go through the app, the better chance you have of remembering stuff for your tests. GOOD LUCK!!