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SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son's Presentation Collection

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•This application was made under the understanding of SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son, and provision of materials from SoftBank.
•You can enjoy viewing Masayoshi Son’s main presentations since 2010 on iPad and iPhone.
•All the contents follow context of the time when the presentation was given.
•As slides and sounds are linked, you can automatically or manually watch the slides and listen to the sounds at the same time.
•You can take notes anytime.
•You can tweet your favorite part anytime on Twitter.
•By bookmarking function, you can always continue viewing from the last page you finished.

How this App has made…
It was the end of 2011...

I want to share Mr. Son’s presentations with more people,
I want to make Mr. Son’s presentations available to watch anywhere anytime on iPhone and iPad,
I want to share Mr. Son’s great ambition with more people around the world,
I want to help more people to make their dreams come true as soon as possible,
And I want to make people happy
I told all my passionate thoughts directly to Mr. Son, the CEO of SoftBank

Then, I got an autograph message from him which told me to think about to develop an application. It was such a happy and exciting moment for me. I made it computerized by collecting the slides and sounds of presentations in several years, and recording the accurate time for every single slide. The recording part was the hardest job because we can automatize nearly everything nowadays; however, this needed to be done by our own hands. It actually made me realize how worth it is for me to do. I guess I could understand Mr. Son’s ambition better than anyone else by watching all his presentations without missing any seconds in the process of recording. Also, I feel very happy that I could offer the application for many users in a way they can enjoy the accurate matching between the slides and the sounds. I believe each user can find something new by themselves as well.

List of the Presentations:
• 25th June, 2010 SoftBank Vision for the Future 30 years
• 27th July, 2010 Japanese Growth Strategy realized by IT Revolution and Educational Revolution (Symposium of the establishment of the conference for digital educational materials)
• 28th July, 2010 SoftBank Academia Opening Ceremony Special Lecture “Son’s 2 squared Strategy”
• 28th September, 2010 SoftBank Academia Special Lecture “The Secrets of Decision-Making”
• 20th October, 2010 How iPad Changes Work-Style (SoftBank Days 2010)
• 25th October, 2010 New Offer for the Realization of Shining Path

Produced by: YouTeacher Inc. CEO Buhe Heshige

Special Thanks to:

SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son
SoftBank Takayuki Kamaya
SoftBank Makoto Ishiguro

About Copyright:
All the sounds and slides included in this application belong to SoftBank
Also, the source codes of this application belong to YouTeacher Inc.

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