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This app is suitable for use in a Linear Algebra course or any other course that involves matrix computations.

Features include:

- arbitrary precision arithmetic, able to make calculations with very large numbers
- rational arithmetic, obtain results in fractional form
- decimal calculations

Matrix Operations:
- Add
- Subtract
- Multiply
- Transpose
- Trace
- Determinant
- Gaussian Elimination
- Matrix Inverse
- Solve any system of linear equations (overdetermined, underdetermined, unique solution)

- save a matrix from one operation and load it into another, saves you from re-typing matrices
- to save a matrix, just give it a unique name, the matrix dimensions are saved as well
- delete saved matrices with a simple swipe

E-mail Saved Matrices:
- e-mail saved matrices to yourself and others
- e-mail will contain matrices in Matlab and Maple syntax so that you can directly copy and paste your matrices in Matlab or Maple

Randomized Example Problems:
- generate random practice problems by tapping the "Rand" button
- "Rand" populates the input matrices with random numbers so you can practice solving problems and check your work