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"... Simple, works like it should, I like it!"
-Rob Mitchell
President of Paperclip Robot and creator of the BubCap

Do you have a nice collection of videos on your iPad/iPhone that you like to use to keep your little one occupied? Are they constantly fast forwarding, rewinding, stoping, or exiting the video?

Well... There IS an app for that!!

Think of this app like a Toddler/Baby proof version of the Apple Video App. You can access all of your videos (non-DRM) in your entire iPod library. No need to load the videos into the app or anything. It runs completely seamless.

Create your own playlists! The videos will automatically keep playing in order.

Once you click a video you will notice just ONE button at the top right hand corner. Just hold it and let the counter count down to zero! You can set the timer in the settings and if your kid can count - then you can turn it off all together. The app has full controls once you unlock the video.

KidVid is an app that has been needed since the inception of the iPhone and iPad. Don't go on another car ride without it.

To make this app even better take a look at the BubCap (seen in the screenshots). The BubCap is an ingenious invention. It essentially covers the Home Button on your device and it is just rigid enough to keep young children from pressing it and exiting the app, but easy enough for adults to do so. I would highly recommend getting this, since there is no way to prohibit the exiting of an app via software.

Visit the link below to check it out!

Apple has blocked the playing of certain videos that have DRM security. We are looking into a workaround for this.