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iVBStats is a program (designed for iOS and iPad/iPhone/iPod) for statistical analysis of volleyball games. It offers various options adjustable according to the user's preferences. It can be used both by professionals as well as by coaches or even parents for tracking the performance of their children.

Games are primarily divided into seasons, each season being divided into categories containing the teams whose games have been analyzed by the user.


Each team can be populated with players, whose name, position, number, birthday and height can be edited. The user can view the general statistics of the team, as well individual statistics for each player. The statistical analysis is divided into attack, reception, defense, block, serve and errors. For each statistical category analysis is available not only in the form of percentages, but also in the form of graphs.


During game analysis, the user - in addition to recording the player attacking, receiving etc - can record the following information regarding the above statistical categories:
* Regarding attacks, the position from which each player attacks, the area to which the attack is directed, the result of the attack (point, defense, error), as well as the way he/she attacks (hit or tip).
* Regarding receptions, the position from which each player receives, as well as the quality of the reception.
* Regarding blocking, the result of the block (kill, error, positive, negative).
* Regarding service, the area to which the service is directed, as well as the quality of the service (ace, positive, negative, error).
* Regarding setting, the quality of the set, as well as the position to which the set is directed.


iVBStats automatically tracks the position from which the player executes each action. At the beginning of each set, the user is requested to add the lineup and during the game this lineup is being rotated if the team scores a point after a service of the opponent.


There is also the option of creating groups of games according the user's criteria (opponent, date, home/away and specific games) for a more detailed analysis of the team's performance.


iVBStats also offers the option of recording the different stadiums' location and photo.


Finally, you can export the game analysis to a pdf file, which can be sent via email or be printed via AirPrint.


At the moment iVBStats is available in English and in Greek. Other languages will follow