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Active Group

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Social Networking
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Have you ever wished you ware able to have more close communication with a member of your group?
Active Group let you know who is ready for the conversation on the other side of the device just now.
You can start a conversation with SMS or email knowing that your friend is using Active Group.

== main feature ==
* Register group
* Join the group (your status becomes "online") and refer the online members
* Conversation with online members by SMS , e-mail , etc
* Leave from the group (your status becomes "offline")
* Notify to other online members that you will become temporary absence
In case urgent business matter or some meeting that you can not connect to the net, this feature helps you to comeback online later on smoothly.
* Invite members

Furthermore, using Active Group, you can share a document with group members and each member can write their comments of the document.
This reviewing document capability is enabled by AP collaboration with Active Minutes.
( Active Minutes is our AP for writing document (meeting minutes). )

== document reviewing feature ==
* import review information
-- importing review information process is invoked in tow ways.
-- (1)AP Collaboration
-- Active Minutes invokes Active Group and passes review information
-- This case is that of the document owner (document writer).
-- In the other words, Document writer creates documents by Active Minutes and transfer the document to Active Group through AP collaboration,
-- then send review request mail to the group member using Active Group.
-- (2)URL scheme
-- By clicking the review request in mail text, Active Group is invoked by the URL scheme.
-- This case is that of the document reviewers who are requested for review by the document owner.
* Display the document content using the Evernote API
( Review document is passed as the Evernote format)
* Refer comments of other members
* Write review comment of the document
* Send mail for document review request to group members ( in case of document owner)

-- External AP collaboration --
* You can import the group information with the application "Repeat Contact" (Repeat Contact is our AddressBook application).
* You can import the document review information with the application "Active Minutes" (Active Minutes is our document (meeting minutes) writing application).