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Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center for Mobile

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You must have an active Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center account.

Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center (CIC) for Mobile, an extension of CIC, is designed to give you access to your certificate inventory data anywhere you go. CIC for Mobile is available exclusively for the Apple® iPad®.

With CIC for Mobile, you get comprehensive and convenient visibility into SSL certificate usage on your enterprise network environment. CIC for Mobile provides easy access to critical and relevant SSL data from your CIC account, helping you maintain business continuity and strengthen operational integrity.

+ Your organization must have an active Symantec Certificate Intelligence Center account.
+ You must be a CIC user with a valid Administrator ID for your organization’s account.
+ You must have permission to view certificate information.
For Administrator ID and user permission information, contact your account’s Security Administrator.

+ View real-time interactive charts and trends of your SSL certificate usage.
+ Track and manage all SSL certificates, issued from any Certificate Authority (CA).
+ Isolate expiring and already-expired certificates that may require further action.
+ Search for, sort, and analyze certificates by common certificate criteria, such as common name, issuing CA, validity status, host IP address and port, and more.
+ Send alerts and other certificate information to members of your organization.