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Bible Vocab

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Bible Vocab is a simple and fun way to learn vocabulary from the Greek New Testament and the Hebrew Old Testament. It has an elegant and intuitive interface with beautiful backgrounds and superb Greek and Hebrew fonts. Just choose the passages you wish to work with and begin. There are three slideshow modes:
* Vocab Mode: where you see the words in their dictionary form
* Parsing Mode: where you see the words in the way they appear in the text and you are tested on their grammatical form.
* Verses Mode: see whole verses as well as parsing, dictionary forms and glosses.

* Spaced Repetition *
The smarter way to learn vocab. This allows you to test yourself on items at set intervals which increase the more times that record that know it correctly. Just tap on the spaced repetition button (the arrow button in the right corner) and it will tell you the words you need to study next. For more information, check out the tutorial video here:

* Reading Mode *
Use the power of spaced repetition to get better at reading whole verses in the Bible. If you've learned enough vocab in Spaced Repetition mode to cover whole verses, Reading Mode will introduce these verses to you, first with the parsing, dictionary form and glosses and thereafter you will need to read it just the original language. These verses will be shown to you at intervals which increase the more familiar you are with each verse.

* Textbooks *
You can now add vocab from chapters of popular Greek and Hebrew textbooks.
NB. The vocab items may occasionally be in a different form to how they appear in the textbook.

* Greek Audio *
Dr. George Athas from Moore College in Sydney has recorded the audio for all the words in the Greek New Testament using a restored koine pronunciation system. You can try the audio for the 100 most frequently occurring used words for free and if you like it you can pay to download more.

* Try for Free! *
You can try Bible Vocab for free. Just download it from the App Store and you can use any number of Vocab Files, however you will be limited to viewing no more than 10 words in slideshow mode at a time after a while. You can upgrade anytime with an In-App Purchase.

* Intuitive Interface *
Bible Vocab provides a simple and elegant user interface which gets you language learning immediately. With minimal effort, flashcards swipe left and right using multi-touch gestures. Flag words that you have difficulty with for later review.

* Data Sources *
You can choose between four Greek Testament texts: SBL, Westcott-Hort, Tischendorf and Byzantine. The OT text is based on the Westminster Leningrad Codex, as provided by Open Scriptures. The Greek Lexicons are:
* Dodson (2010) -
* Mounce Concise Greek-English Lexicon (© 1993. William Mounce. All Rights Reserved -
The Hebrew/Aramaic Lexicon is derived chiefly from the Brown-Driver-Briggs, as provided by Open Scriptures.
You can also use the glosses from the available textbooks.

* HD Version *
If you like Bible Vocab on your iPhone or iPod Touch, make sure you check out Bible Vocab HD for your iPad:
You can sync all your passages, settings and review files over iCloud with your iPad if you choose to do so.
NB. Bible Vocab HD is a different app and has to be unlocked separately.

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