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TempusTuum TimeTools

iPhone / iPad
  • Utilities
  • Productivity
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The TempusTuum (Your Time) app is the multi-tool for Time. The TempusTuum™ philosophy is that you can be more productive, healthier, and happier if you approach time in your own way and pace.

Note: this edition allows you to add only the features you need, as you like. Only the Astrological Planetary Hours display is included in this edition; other displays are available as separate in-app purchases.

The TempusTuum Prime edition includes all features for one price.

The TempusTuum edition includes one tool in the free level, which displays the time where you are in traditional seasonal hours. To that you can use in-app purchasing to activate five additional packages:

Stopwatch, Metronome, Timer: Define your own units for the passing of short periods of time, and use them. You can use the motion sensor, microphone, or camera to define your basic time unit. The iPhone 4 camera may be used to set the time based on your pulse.

Work Cycles: Define your own work/break cycles to maximize your productivity throughout the day.

Daily Events / Prayer Times: set alerts throughout the day for your daily obligations, be it prayer or taking medication. Times can be set based on the civil time, events related to the sun, sunrise, sunset, and much more.

Clock: divide the day however you like, using traditional or untraditional approaches. Display the time with a variety of practical or more abstract presentations.

Calendar: Count your days your own way, or using the practices of non-western cultures. Design your own calendar system or recreate an ancient way of marking months and seasons. Display the date using a range of visualizations.

The included free tool is a display of your current local time in a very natural and ancient way. The main display is the current Astrological Planetary Hour. Planetary hours are of historical interest and aesthetically pleasing, so TempusTuum offers a display of planetary hours for your location.

Since we owe much of our timekeeping to the Sumerians, TempusTuum allows you to see the time as it could have been written 4500 years ago. Also shown is the phase of the moon and the length of a shadow (daytime only).

Other features include the ability to send and receive settings files for active packages. Settings can be saved on the device or in iCloud.

TempusTuum™ is an attitude and an approach to Time in your life, and products to support you in adopting that approach.

Your life has been governed by a clock that has next to nothing to do with you. Your year is mostly due to Julius Caesar (and Sosigenes of Alexandria), incorporating ideas from Roman, Egyptian and Greek cultures. Your day was divided by the Babylonians and Egyptians. Your clock was set by the railroads, and switched twice a year by legislatures. Midnight may be the witching hour, but if you want true midnight it won’t be when the clock strikes twelve.

Take charge of your time! Make the day and the month and the year your own! Match your timepiece to your rhythms, not the other way around.

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