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123 Animal Metaphors & Idioms Dictionary

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Please take note : Search and download from the App store : " The New Animal Metaphors & Idioms " which is redesigned with more idioms and metaphors and packed with new mini games to make learning even more fun and interactive

★★★Was $2.99. Now $1.99 for 123 sets of Animal Metaphors & Idioms★★★

★★★123 Sets of Animal Metaphors & Idioms with Animated explanations and application examples!!!★★★

★★★Redesign specially for the NEW IPAD, IPAD2 & IPAD ★★★

★★★What does it mean when someone tells you that you are the "Dark Horse"★★★No worries! This Ipad app is going to help you learn useful idioms and metaphors. Using idioms and metaphors can greatly add color to the English Language. This app is going to help students improve their understanding of idioms and metaphors and certainly will help them in their creative writing and speaking!

Animal idioms and metaphors can be used in composition or conversation as it can greatly enhance and bring out the ideas. In this app, we have carefully chosen 25 most useful and popular animal metaphors. Each animal metaphors not only come with explanations but also with useful day-to-day examples.

Metaphors and idioms are usually part and parcel of a student’s curriculum in school. Student learnt them through textbooks but more often than not, the outcome is not fascinating. In this app, we had carefully picked 123 animals that coupled with interactive animations to bring out the true meaning of the animal metaphors. In addition, there are also fun facts and animal sounds for the learner to better appreciate the meaning of the idiom and metaphor.

The app also has a quiz section to encourage deeper learning by allowing students to drag and drop animal tiles to answer questions in an interactive and creative way. The student will also be rewarded with beautiful animated animal stickers if he can pass the 1 minute time-quiz with flying colors. There are a total of 246 questions and 25 beautifully designed stickers to be won. We hope,through the quiz, the student will be learning while having fun, instead of browsing through traditional text and becoming bored.