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InDaHouse Business

iPhone / iPad
  • Business
  • Social Networking
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A User Guide on how to use this app is available on YouTube.
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InDaHouse Business is the business version of InDaHouse application that allows iPhones/iPad and iPod Touch users advertise to InDaHouse folk over WiFi or Bluetooth. Once contact is established all the folk InDaHouse can see what specials you have to offer. The Devices must both be on the same WiFi network or within BlueTooth range. You cannot contact or chat to Folk InDaHouse only Advertise your special offer to them. You will also be able to see other vendor special offers being advertised.

All devices have to be running the InDaHouse application. If using WiFi mode the device cannot be in locked/sleep mode. BlueTooth works in Locked/sleep mode.

You must have Bluetooth and/or WiFi enabled to use this app. By default the app will try create a WiFi connection and, if one is not available, it will create a bluetooth connection. You can toggle manually between BlueTooth and WiFi connections in the MyOffer screen.

Note that the app requires Peer to Peer (P2P) connectivity so, if this is blocked on a WiFi network, the App will not work.

The application does not require any registration, Location services, the Internet or a phone sim card. All that is required is an available Wifi network (with or without an Internet connection) or you can search on your Bluetooth Channel and create your own BlueTooth network . Nothing is stored so once the application is ended all information is lost and cannot be retrieved later.

The contact is localised - in other words the device that is contactable is in Local WiFi or Bluetooth range.

This Application is designed to Advertise specials for localised business to folk using InDaHouse on the tour bus, backpacker lodge, the pub, sports match, the Night Club, the mall, work etc.

In other words whenever a group of people are gathered you can Advertise specials to folk InDaHouse.

You set up your offer (MyDetails) with the name of your shop, special category and then the current special on offer. You can set a special by category so that you can target specific buyers.

Please note that WiFi network is switched off if the Device goes into sleep mode. BlueTooth will continue to Advertise even if the device is sleeping. If you move outside the range of the Bluetooth of WiFi network you will be removed from the other users devices. If the application is on and you walk into an existing InDaHouse Zone you will automatically see your Advert.

If you set up an advert at your place of business anyone passing by that has InDaHouse on will be alerted to your special offer. The folk of course have to be in BlueTooth or WiFi range.

You may indeed be able to find many other useful ways of using this application. Share and Enjoy