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Whether it is living in New York or Paris, or London. No matter which industry, things will always encounter some anxiety, affect your sleep.

We are struggling every day busy, heavy work and study, often gives rise to anxiety, leading to insomnia. Poor sleep also affects the mental state of the next day, you still sleep off what was to be you, come try the professional version of the SPA insomnia treatment of it, give you a peace of mind, the key is to address the trouble of insomnia problems.

SPA insomnia treatment of masters, each with its own lead role in the human body based on the principle of science, pure and natural selection of original sound design and music into one. For city people insomnia, irritability, mental and lax, muscle aches and tension and other common spiritual sub-health state, easily releasing the pressure, to relieve physical and mental effects. Built-in music to the people desire healthy sleep, provides an effective way into a deep sleep; melody gentle, tactful tones, create a special atmosphere of Enron, to help overcome insomnia sleep unfavorable factors, the best is to enhance the quality of sleep sound therapy options . So vibrant vitality restored, the backlog of all the internal pressure and fatigue thorough distraction.

SPA insomnia treatment while the master, while supporting the background of the play, you can use the iPhone while browsing the web, look at pictures while playing soothing music, for you to create a peaceful state of mind. At the same time took over the iPod's music button, you can quickly make music on the iPod button on the control.
When you want to sleep, insomnia can be treated to the SPA master set a time within the set time to play music, and then end at the appointed time, save the phone battery. No human action, to ensure you can sleep peacefully. Also well-done sound for your gradient to prevent sudden disruption to interrupt your music dreams.

SPA Master provides you with the treatment of insomnia function:
1. selection of music with science-based sleep
2. full background playback, and can take over the iPod music button.
3. regular playback. Music within specified time.