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WorldTravel -Mexico-

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A travel app unlike any guidebook for only 85 Yen. Time to travel around the world. Explore the World’s unexplored through a series of picture slideshows called, “No Travel? No Life!”. 

The slideshows contain over 100 pictures with subtitles explaining the countries’ notable sceneries, culture and history. 

Once through with the slideshow, you should be familiar with the country’s scenery and the facts. 

Recommended to people: 
* Who want to travel, but rarely have the time. 
* Who have interests in the cultures and scenery of foreign countries. 
* Who are stressed and want to escape from the real world. 
* Who want to show their kids a new place. 
* Who plan to travel to the country for work or vacation. 

No Travel? No Life! 
A bundled app to send people around the world. 


Mexico is a treasure trove of historical mysteries. Even with the lack of metals like bronze and iron, the people of Teohuatic?n built the third largest pyramid in the 2 B.C and in order to determine the dates of the religious festivities, mastered astronomy and mathematics.

The Mayan civilization translates to “A Civilization of Time”, yet many mysteries still surround the ancient civilization.

The Ancient civilization of Egypt, Mesopotamia, India and China all emerged nearby a river. In addition, each civilization had the advantage of the invention of the wheel to transport goods efficiently and the use of metals such as copper and iron. However, the Mayan civilization thrived without any of these advantages.

The Indians are believed to be the first to discover the concept of zero, yet at the same time, the Mayans discovered the concept of zero and also invented advanced mathematics and applied the knowledge of the decimal system.

Furthermore, the Mayans had the ability to express themselves at a high level. Today the number of practical Japanese characters number 6000 characters, yet the Mayans mastered 40,000 Mayan characters.

When witnessing the Large Mayan ruins, it feels as if the ruins take you back to history and entices you unravel the mystery behind the ruins.

Yet, Mexico’s attraction does not end with the ruins alone. There is the Mexican food that makes your stomach grumble and the classical guitar that sings to your ears.
Then, there are also the colonial buildings and the pure white sandy beaches and clear blue waters of the Pacific and the Caribbean ocean.

Welcome to the mystery of nature and all living things in Mexico.


Compatible with IPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S
iPod touch (4th generation)

Requires iOS 4.0 or later
iOS 5.0 recommended

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