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Casablanca Dreambot

iPhone / iPad
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Have you ever dreamed of controlling your dreams?

As a leader in bedding products, Casablanca gives you complete control over your sleeping experience.

Introducing the Casablanca Dreambot app.

All you have to do is to pick a dream in the app, place your phone next to your pillow and go to sleep.

Years of research has proven that dreams mainly occur during the stage of sleep known as Rapid-Eye-Movement (R.E.M.). During this phase of sleep, parts of the brain continue to perceive, process and react to external stimuli.

By using the highly sensitive accelerometers of today’s smartphones, Casablanca Dreambot can detect your body’s subtle movements and know when you’ve reached the R.E.M.. The Dreambot will then give out audible and sub-audible stimuli, a combination of music, ambient sounds and low-frequency pulses, to stimulate areas below the cortex and induce your chosen type of dream.

The app can also analyze body movements and generate reports on the quality of your sleep.