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Fertilizer Blend Calculator

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Firstly, this application is a great tool for quickly calculating fertilizer blends and potential costs but it is NOT a replacement for good judgement or professional advice. The user of the app is responsible for double checking the results. Please ensure that all default values (prices, product densities, etc.) are to your liking before calculating.

Do you want to know how much a fertilizer blend will cost per ton? Per acre? Liquid or dry blends? This is the app for you! It was designed by farmers for farmers and others involved in the agricultural world. To get you started it includes some common fertilizers, but you can edit the products and add your own.

Working the app couldn’t be easier. Start a blend, specify how many pounds per acre of each element that you’d like to apply, and then specify which products you want to use in the blend. That’s it and you’re ready to calculate! But what if you want to have a final blend that includes two particular products for the same element? Just choose both products and specify what percentage of each you want in the final product (i.e. 65% of N Product 1 and 35% of N Product 2). Once you’re ready and press ‘Calculate’ you’re served with a detailed report showing (fields are for dry blend with liquid fields bracketed):

Net Elements in Blend
Weight per Load
(Weight of liquid per acre)
Weight of Product to Order (Volume to Order)
Volumes, Costs, Etc.
Legal Analysis %

In the latest update we tried to add support for as many units as possible. Should you find a unit we missed or a conversion that you suspect isn't right, please email us and we'll get it up to date.