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Ninja Slingshot Knockdown (iPad Version)

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Introducing Slingshot Ninja Knockdown iPad Version, the most fun you can have with your mobile device…

This is not your average, tired Slingshot game…

Slingshot Ninja Knockdown will challenge your ninja skills and take boredom and kick it over?

You will never look at mobile device the same ever again knowing that enemy ninja's are waiting to challenge you in a new way...

This is a strategy puzzle game designed to test your ninja abilities and provide entertainment whenever you need it.

Attack Ninja's on the train, on the bus, in class, on break, at lunch, at a boring date, in a meeting, or any place you need to totally entertain yourself.

Do you have what it takes?

Prove it!!!

Slingshot Ninja Knockdown (iPad Version) physics style game is loaded with 20 awesome, unique and challenging puzzle levels. ( More Levels Coming Soon! )

To play you aim the Slingshot, by simply touching your finger on or around the slingshot and then move finger back adjusting the direction and angle you need to Kick Over The Enemy. Then simple release the Slingshot to Attack.

It couldn't be any easier to play but don't let the simple game play fool you…

It takes a little skill to be the best Ninja Warrior you can be…

Everyone will be so proud of you.. lol

I am pricing this app 75% off the regular price because I want you to have it...

Act now and get it for only $0.99


Hurry before everyone else is playing Slingshot Ninja Knockdown Before you and you are the odd one out!