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Fish ID Hawaii pro

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Designed for experienced divers and snorkelers, this app covers over 400 species of Hawaiian reef fishes. (If you see a fish that's not in here, please let me know!) The app combines the best features of an e-book and an app. Flip through screens like pages of a book, or quickly find a fish by its color or shape. The app includes high quality videos for almost every species.

-  Fish organized by family, color, shape, sci name, Hawaiian name. 
- Videos of 350+ fish and over 1000 underwater photos.
-  500+ screens of text & photos. Up to 3-4 screens of info per fish.
-  Fish ID, behavior, ecology, diver stories, Hawaiian legends.
-  23 recommended dive sites; notes, photos, online maps.
-  Save fish in a Logbook, add notes, edit notes, email Logbook (text only).

Videos require internet connection.
Created by John Hoover, author of Hawaii's best-selling marine life ID books: The Ultimate Guide to Hawaiian Reef Fishes, and: Hawaii's Sea Creatures, a Guide to Hawaii's Marine Invertebrates. Check them out on Amazon.