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Heart Rate Camera - Touchless Pulse Monitor

iPhone / iPad
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Use your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to get your heart rate by facing the camera. Instantly, quickly and easily. No need to purchase any external hardware. Own an innovative piece of technology right in the palm of your hand.

Heart Rate Camera is the most outstanding iOS instant heart rate monitor available. This app uses highly advanced methods to calculate your heart rate using just your device's video camera, all in a matter of seconds. Now you can use your iOS device to instantly monitor your resting heart rate and maintain a 7-day or 30-day history.

This app works by detecting the subtle color variations caused by blood pumping through your face. Please follow the tips below for best results. Watch the YouTube video below for an excellent demonstration of the app.

--=== Heart Rate Camera in Action ===--

Please contact us at if you have any questions or have trouble using the app. We are happy to assist!

Check out the following extraordinary features:

- Non-contact measurement. Just face the camera!
- Face recognition technology.
- 7-day or 30-day history.
- Highly optimized algorithm supports high frame rate and quick and accurate heart rate calculation.
- Use of either the front or back cameras.
- Nice visual of real-time instant heart rate pulses (similar to a PPG).
- Clean user interface.


"Captures my heart rate quickly. I've compared this to an FDA approved pulse oximeter and the app was dead on. I now use this every time before and after I ride my exercise bike."
cyclingdad1951 - Quick, consistent and accurate ★★★★★

"This app works well and works exactly as advertised. Almost like magic."
JBar430 - Great app ★★★★★

"Very usable interface that makes u an expert in capturing ur heart rate. Use it every time I am exercising - also do it with my 82 yr old Mom to see how she is doing - she thinks I am taking a picture of her!"
Barbbbbb - Software Engineering Professor ★★★★★

❶ Be in a well lit area.
❷ Look at the camera head on and hold as still as possible.


- Try to hold still for about 8-10 seconds to achieve best results.
- Ensure there is enough ambient light.
- Try to look ahead instead of down.

This app will work with the following devices: iPads 2&3, iPod Touch 4, iPhones 4 and 4S. iOS 5 is required.

Disclaimer – This app is not intended for use as a medical device or for medical diagnosis. If a medical diagnosis is necessary please consult your physician. This app allows one to obtain a real-time heart rate measurement for entertainment purposes only.