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Magical Math Lite: Math is Logic

iPhone / iPad
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Magical Math app is full of math tricks that work like magic. This application has about 33 lessons of math ticks including over 45 minutes of animations and audio files.
Kids love short cuts and easy tricks to solve math problems. Its easy to add 100 + 200 and say 300. But what is 94 + 195? You can round 94 to 100 by adding 6, round 195 to 200 by adding 5, add 100 + 200 to get 300, and finally remove the 11 to get the final answer 289.
34 x 10 = 340. Easy to calculate. But then what is 34 x 11? You have to add 34 to 340. Theres a smart way of doing it. Add 3 + 4, and insert 7 between 3 and 4. 374 is the answer for 34 x 11.
Aren't these very smart ways of calculating without using a calculator or pen/paper?

In this app you can find tricks like these for various kinds of problems in Additions, Subtractions, Multiplications and Divisions.

Additions 4 tricks
Subtractions 7 tricks
Multiplications 8 tricks
Divisions 6 tricks

Every trick is explained with clear AUDIO and ANIMATION that includes many examples.
These tricks are helpful in day to day math or school math and are helpful for kids of any age.
Advantages of learning these math tricks:
-Improve speed and accuracy of calculations
-Kids can always cross check their answers by using these tricks
-Very helpful to calculate when calculator is not around
-Makes it feel math is very much fun