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Cyber fighting kite appearance!
I will riot by "BATTLE KITE" with a friend!!!

"BATTLE KITE" is the kite machine which attached the "high-speed jet booster" to the conventional kite and which was customized only for the battle.
An operation stick (iPhone) for exclusive use is leaned to right and left,
and it will be a victory, if enemy Kite is bumped into, power is reduced and it destroys.

Enemy Kite's attack is avoided by turn by skillful operation,
or timing is arranged and it collides by a jet booster.
Then, a large damage can be given to enemy Kite.
Let's fight a lot with a friend and win, and I will aim at a battle master!!!

【Play mode】
In "training mode", training for getting used to operation of BATTLE KITE can be performed.
You destroy "LIGHT BOMB" which appears on the field by BATTLE KITE, and aim at a high score.
"LIGHT BOMB" will cause loud explosion, if a definite period of time passes.
If involved in, you will receive a damage.
Please explode more "LIGHT BOMB", being cautious of Kite's life point.
Then, a stage level up, the kind of bomb and enemy Kite appear or difficulty goes up.

*A high score is notified to "GAME CENTER" and can compete for the flier and ranking in the world.

In "battle mode", the hot battle of 1 on 1 can be performed
with a friend using a local communication function.
The victory-or-defeat result in a battle is recorded as results, and can be notified to "GAME CENTER".
You can get "the shining title" according to the number of victories.
I will carry out a battle to more friends, and will get the title of the strongest battle master.
*Also a battle with a computer, results are updated.

The score (leaderboard) in training, and the title (achievement) by battle results
It is acquirable from GAME CENTER.

【Operation method】
・STRAIGHT:iPhone is leveled and it maintains at the Kite regularity.
・TURN LEFT:iPhone is leaned to the left.
・TURN RIGHT:iPhone is leaned to the right.
・PUSH TURN:It swipe upwards with 1 finger.
・BOOSTER:It swipe downward with 2 fingers.

iPhone 4/iPod touch 4th
iOS4.2 or more(GAME CENTER)