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This application is thought for students, professionals and fans who should want to perfect its sense and sensibility of the color.

Although it is centered on the additive colors, that is to say, the generated ones both by computers and by systems of video and television, lighting and all those projects in which the light is the base of the color, also it is useful to designers of all the fields, plastic artists, publicists and anyone that is related directly or by implication with the world of the color.

Although the human eye is prepared to differentiate 10 million colors, immense most of the population are not capable of differentiating any more than 2 millions. But the worst is that only they are able to define very vaguely little more than one hundred in the best of the cases.

By means of some simple exercises will achieve that our perception of the color enrich , know of what is composed each color and what results when we mix colors.

In addition to the exercises, will find in this application the explanation of the training of additive colors, so much of the system RGB as of the HSV, and a good utility to convert photographies of color to scale of grey with big quality, and save the result.