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You have just survived the END OF THE WORLD, right!? Time to plan your free time now! Feel FREE to use WACANADOO by ILIKESCIFI Games.

WACANADOO - Your free time manager!

Wacanadoo is a simple offline free time management tool! Think of any situation when you were sitting at home and you didn´t know what do do at all. You just couldn´t remember any cool activity to fill your precious free time with. Let me tell you: there´s always something to do - you just have to remember it! Wacanadoo is a simple way to arrange your free time from now on!

Wacanadoo works in 3 simple steps:

1. Check the weather.

2. Think of your favourite activities.

3. Note them down.

Next time you are bored, you simply check your list on Wacanadoo!

Detailed description:

Is it sunny or rainy? Do you want to spend your time outside or anywhere inside? You have made your choice? Perfect. Now think of any activity that comes to your mind and note it down. You can easily add new activity boxes by tapping on the "Add" Button and delete them by tapping on the "Sub" Button.

On the left of each activity box you´ll find the frequency button. If you want to remember HOW OFTEN you have chosen an activity, just tap the button and it will add "1" to the selected activity.

From now on you will always remember ANY of your favourite activities. You are gonna extend your activity list from time to time and you´ll check how often you have done these activities with one simple tap!


- Intuitive & simple interface
- A list for sunny and one for rainy days
- Change the background of your Wacanadoo app
- Remember your favourite activities forever (and longer!)

Special feature:

You immediately want to do something? No problem! Just pull the "I´M SO BORED - RIPCORD" and enjoy the LITE version of our upcoming game: "On Fire!". Play the first stage as long as you like!

Of course you can also use your WACANADOO as a simple Todo list. Use the frequency buttons to set the importance of the activity from 1 ("ahm... I will never have to do this... I mean, honestly...") to 9 ("oh boy, oh boy... I´m so gonna do this now!").

Thanks for your purchase! We hope you will enjoy AND remember your free time activities even more from now on!

Juergen Brunner