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Personal color palettes is the best-selling app for selecting the right colors for your coloring. Find the best colors that make your skin, eyes and hair glow with the personal color palettes! Colors that look fantastic with your coloring (skin, hair and eyes).
- Find out which сolors look fantastic with your coloring (skin, hair and eyes)
- Find out which fashion colors this season looks great on you
- Find out the color of clothes suitable to you
- Find your best lip color palette
- Find your best eye color palette
- See your color scheme make-up and play them

How it works
There are some shades that are always going to look good on you, and some that aren’t. No color looks good on everyone, and it is a fact. Most people ignore the importance of colors and choose them almost randomly. This app gives you the power to choose colors confidently and with an understanding of what those colours will represent. Personal color palettes lets you understand the colours that are the foundation of your style.

This has to do with your coloring, or the way your eye color, hair, and skin tone combine to give you a look. It is really important to know what your perfect colors! So, how can you figure out what colors look best on you? The quality of your skin tone, hair and eye color will determine just that. We are going to do a color analysis which is widely used by professional image consultants and fashion stylists.

If you try on some clothes in your colors, you’ll quickly learn that wearing the right colors makes a huge difference in the way you look. We encourage you to experiment with different shades and see which ones look best on you, as well as which ones you like the most! Then buy these colors up whenever you spot them in stores. You can take it shopping with you, so you’ll always have your colors at hand.

Easy to use. Beautifully designed
- Choose your coloring (eye color, hair color, hue of your skin or choose a star similar to you) and see what color palette you want to apply.
- You can save the palette that you like, share with friends.
- Our simple, intuitive interface has been handcrafted to provide a great experience without getting in your way.

- You can take it shopping with you, so you’ll always have your colors at hand.
- You can save money buying clothes and cosmetics suitable colors

- Instant color palettes for your coloring!
- Up to 300 unique coloring
- Option to save yours love color palettes and always have your colors at hand
- Save, email, or post the result to your iPad
- Immediate results, no waiting, and no internet connection needed
- Extremely easy to use!