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Simple Catch

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Simple Catch is not just another fishing log application but a powerful tool designed to make your time on the water more productive. We "rethought" the concept of a fishing log, trimmed away the fluff, and focused on the one thing that actually puts more fish in your boat, your catch. Simple Catch uses a precise GPS mapping interface to help repeat your catch success on the water. When you catch and log a fish, Simple Catch automatically captures the longitude and latitude of that exact spot so getting back there is as simple as following your track back to the spot on the map. If you caught one fish there, chances are you will catch more. Other notable features include:

Setting your "Home" screen to only show the specific catches your are interested in. This is a great feature if you fish multiple bodies of waters and only want to see your catch results for the current body of water you are fishing.

Tagging a photo to your catch. Now your buddies will actually believe you when you show them the "lunker" you caught.

Shareing your catch information via e-mail within the app. This feature is great for "Catch and Release" fishing tournaments where catch results can be directly e-mailed to the tournament director in real-time.