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  • Release Date:Apr 30, 2012
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Baseball Pitch Speed - Radar Gun

***How FAST can you throw?!?***
Baseball Pitch Speed is the best tool for any pitcher to find their pitch speed and track their pitch count.

***Are you a FIREBALL thrower?***
This app uses an advanced color changing user interface that reflects the speed of your pitches.

Pitch Speed Color Chart:
0-40 ► Chilly Blue ► (Slow)
41-50 ► Cool Green ► (Average)
51-60 ► Mello Yellow ► (Pretty Fast)
61-75 ► Heating up Orange ► (Really Fast)
76+ ► Fireball Red ► (Wow Fast!)

So how does it work?
This pitch speed calculator is very easy to use and only includes 2 steps:
1. √ Press start when pitcher pitches the ball
2. √ Press stop when catcher catches the ball.

►Baseball Pitch Speed is a 3 in 1 essential baseball tool.
Find pitch/throwing speed.
Keep pitch count
Stopwatch for drills
►Uses advanced calculation to find an accurate pitch speed.
Displays speed history for 4 pitches
►Color based pitching speed ranking system.
►Custom distance for any league.
►Presets for 3 leagues.
Majors Baseball
Little League
Fastpitch Softball
►Much cheaper than traditional radar gun.
►Can be used for any sport or activity
Baseball/Softball pitch/throw speed.
Baseball drills (speed around the bases).
Hockey shot speed.
Soccer kick speed.

Great entertainment at the ballpark to see who can get closer to the actual scoreboard speed.

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