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Book Expert Psychology Collection includes 15 carefully collected masterpieces such as:

1. A Preliminary Study of the Emotion of Love between the Sexes - Sanford Bell
Adults need only to recall their own youth or to observe even briefly our grammar and high school boys and girls, to be convinced that love between the sexes is one of the emotions that become conspicuously apparent in early adolescence.

2. Why Worry? - George Lincoln Walton, M.D.
The habit of worry is not to be overcome by unaided resolution. It is hoped that the victim of this unfortunate tendency may find, among the homely illustrations and commonplace suggestions here offered, something to turn his mind into more healthy channels. It is not the aim of the writer to transform the busy man into a philosopher of the indolent and contemplative type, but rather to enable him to do his work more effectively by eliminating undue solicitude. This elimination is consistent even with the "strenuous life."

3. The Trained Memory - Warren Hilton
In the broadest sense, memory is the faculty of the mind by which we retain, recall, picture to the mind's eye, and recognize past experiences

4. The Science of Human Nature - William Henry Pyle
What is human nature like? Why do we act as we do? How can we make ourselves different? How can we make others different? How can we make ourselves more efficient? How can we make our lives more worth while? This book is a manual intended to help young people to obtain such knowledge of human nature as will enable them to answer these questions.

5. The Psychology of Revolution
The present age is not merely an epoch of discovery; it is also a period of revision of the various elements of knowledge. Having recognised that there are no phenomena of which the first cause is still accessible, science has resumed the examination of her ancient certitudes, and has proved their fragility. To-day she sees her ancient principles vanishing one by one.

6. The Psychology of Beauty - Ethel D. Puffer
THE human being who thrills to the experience of beauty in nature and in art does not forever rest with that experience unquestioned. The day comes when he yearns to pierce the secret of his emotion, to discover what it is, and why, that has so stung him--to defend and to justify his transport to himself and to others. He seeks a reason for the faith that is in him.

7. The Practice of Autosuggestion - C. Harry Brooks
Mr. Brooks has skilfully seized on the essentials and put them forward in a manner that seems to me both simple and clear. The instructions given are amply sufficient to enable anyone to practise autosuggestion for him or herself, without seeking the help of any other person. It is a method which everyone should follow--the sick to obtain healing, the healthy to prevent the coming of disease in the future.

8. The Nervous Housewife - Abraham Myerson
Did the semi-mythical Cave Man (who is perhaps only a pseudo-scientific creation) on his return from a prehistoric hunt find his leafy spouse all in tears over her staglocythic house-cleaning, or the conduct of the youngest cave child? Did she complain of her back, did she have a headache every time they disagreed, did she fuss and fret until he lost his patience and dashed madly out to the Cave Man's Refuge?

9. The Crowd - Gustave le Bon

10. The Book of Courage - John Thomson Faris

11. Analysis of Mind, The - Bertrand Russell

12. Mental Efficiency - Arnold Bennett

13. How to Use Your Mind - Harry D. Kitson

14. How to Analyze People on Sight - Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict

15. Child Versus Parent - Stephen Wise

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