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Calorie Reduction Calculator For Weight Loss

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How much weight do you want to lose?
How many calories can you eat every day AND lose weight?
Use this calculator to base your weight loss goals on the best available scientific formulae.
Quick, simple, to the point. Define your calorie budget - less in, more out.

-Calculate the calorie intake level that will allow you to lose a specific amount of weight over a defined time-frame.

-Slow weight loss through diet and exercise is the key to long term success.

-Recalculate daily intake levels regularly, as weight loss, age, activity levels affect calorific requirements.

-Designed for most non-pregnant, healthy adults

-Choose between common predictive energy equations in current use

-Ensure dietary changes are safe and healthy. Seek guidance on gradually increasing activity levels
-Reducing calorific intake quickly does not allow the metabolism to adjust to the calorie deficit. Sudden calorie reduction can create major health problems. In particular, persons who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) below 22 should be cautious.
-Measure weight regularly and avoid sudden dramatic weight loss as this is likely to represent loss of metabolically active tissue eg muscle.
-BMR adapts to sudden calorific reductions. A person can achieve material and energy equilibrium at lower calories, and hence not conform to the derived equations used
-Confirm personal safety/suitability of results/recommendations with a healthcare professional before implementing
-Individuals vary and therefore no guarantee to personal accuracy/applicability is offered or implied