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A memory game for toddlers, pre-school children and their parents. It helps to improve your child's ability to take turns, learn, sort, recall, name and code Cuisenaire® colors, using capital or lower case letters.

The game can be played in one or two player mode to stimulate conversation and discussion about game strategy. The object of the game is to turnover cards to complete a pattern of matching pairs.

There is one level of difficulty on the iPhone and two on the iPad matching
- pairs of color cards selected at random from a palette of 10 Cuisenaire® colors
- pairs of random capital letters
- pairs of minuscule letters
- pairs of matching capital and minuscule letters
-pairs of matching Gattegno color codes and Cui colors

In single player mode the object is to uncover all the cards. This exercises memory and the ability to name the individual colors, letters and codes. Once this is mastered a more difficult challenge is to uncover all the cards with the smallest number of taps. The learner can keep count of how near they are to this target, and note how their score improves with practice.

In two player mode the object is to turn over more pairs than your partner. Players who successfully turn over a pair will take the next turn. The game keeps count of the score, and regulates turn taking.