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Kids Puzzler

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
  • Education
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Kids Puzzler is an engrossing fun game for kids. It has three types of puzzles, which are
1 Word Puzzle
2 Number Puzzle
3 Memory Puzzle

Word Puzzle:

Word Puzzle further has three levels i.e. Easy, Medium, Hard.

a. Easy Level: Easy level consists of word crossword spelling game where kids can practice spellings in an exciting way by dragging their fingers on the words. Word searching in a crossword helps increase kids' concentration.

b. Medium Level: Medium level consists of jumbled words, solving which increase the logical skills and vocabulary of your child.

c. Hard level: Hard Level consists of word association, in which the player needs to find the right combination of words to complete each puzzle and solve all the pairs.

Number Puzzle:

Number Puzzle also has three levels i.e. Easy, Medium, Hard.

a. Easy Level: Easy level consists of a Suduko crossword of 9*9 matrix with interactive graphics.

b. Medium Level: Medium level consists of matrix formation by adding number in both the horizontal and vertical direction.

c. Hard Level: Hard level consists of matrix formation by selecting arithmetic sign i.e. addition, subtraction, divide, multiplication. It helps develop kids' mathematical skills.

Memory Puzzle:

Memory puzzle is a fun game that helps the child to learn as well as to improve memory and recollection skills. This game is for kids of all ages and also for young people to get entertainment and test their memory skills. It also helps to improve eye and hand co-ordination.

Memory Puzzle also has three levels: Easy, Medium and Hard.

In each level, User just has to find hidden image and match them accordingly..

How to Play:

- You will be shown some images with their faces down.
- Select two of the images by clicking in the box next to the image with your finger.
- If both images are the same, those images will be removed. If they are different, remember what is on the image so you can try again.
- The game is over when you have matched all the pairs and all the images are gone.

Features of Kids Puzzler:

1 Interactive Graphics
2 Interactive animation
3 Sound effects
4 Score and timer in all levels
5 Scoreboard with player name and scores