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The Alhambra

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"The Alhambra" is a wonderful app inspired by the classic work of universal literature, "Tales of the Alhambra", written by Washington Irving in 1829. The app includes a selection of the texts based upon the legends of the Nazari monument, which have been enriched with beautiful illustrations of the artist David Zaafra. Through the photo gallery, you can see the fantastic illustrations and discover details of the paintings with the zoom feature.

The application also provides access to information updated online of the opening times and admission prices of the monument.

Also has a location map of The Alhambra to locate at all times.

The protagonist and conducting thread is the writer himself, Washington Irving, who arrives in Granada. He is overwhelemed by the impressive beauty of the Alhambra, where he is going to stay. During his stance he meets several people who tell him the tales and legends that revolve around the monument and its Arabic past. This enables him to discover stories such as the tale of the Arabian astrologer who contributed his magical powers to defeat the enemies' armies; the tale of the three beautiful princesses who were locked inside a tower to prevent them from falling in love; the tale of the pilgrim of love, whose jealous father also locked him inside a tower; the tale of the Moor's legacy that tells us about the fabulous treasure that was found by a water bearer and the legend of the Rose of the Alhambra, which tells us about a marvellous lute that is capable of healing the king's melancholy.

The texts have been beautifully ilustrated by the artist from Granada, David Zaafra.

As a professional artist, Zaafra has offered numerous expositions all over the world: Europe, Asia, Africa and America. Further information about his extensive work can be obtained at

People interested in requesting reproductions of Zaafra's illustrations may contact the artist via his website.

All illustrations are protected by copyright.