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苏州博物馆 HD

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Mobile application of Suzhou Museum is a kind of application software to popularize culture which is originated and invented by Suzhou Museum and Museum International, produced by Shanghai multi-prisms network tech. ltd.
Before you visit Suzhou Museum, you can download this software and get a general idea of Museum, its history, map of exhibition rooms and precious relics as well as the beautiful pictures of our museum.
You can use the WiFi access of our museum to update and make this software more informative after your arrive at the museum. With the help of functions supported by this software, you can enjoy a wonderful tour of Suzhou Museum all by yourself.
当然别忘记, 在您参观时或离开苏州博物馆后, 都可以把您对藏品、展览、建筑等任何一点美好的印象与回忆, 通过软件的在线分享功能, 让您在新浪微博的粉丝一同感受。
You can share your good memories of collections, displays, architecture and etc with your fans on Sina microblog by using the function of online sharing after your visiting.
We hope you can give us a favorable comment which will courage us to improve this software.

Specialties of 1.0 version
1. 苏州博物馆的概览介绍。
The general introductions of Suzhou Museum
Exhibitions of collections including its pictures, introductions and background music which depend on its time, form and information.
3. 用户可根据网络情况,选择文物下载后离线浏览或者在线浏览。
Depend on your own net situation, you can choose to browse the relics online or download it.
You can forward content of museum to your microblog directly.
5. 用户可选择是否接收苏州博物馆主动推送的软件更新、新展预告、讲座等信息。
You can choose to accept the online information of software update, advisements of new exhibition, lectures etc or not.
You can search for the information according to the key words of relic code.

本应用获得2011年博物馆免费开放最佳做法评选 最佳讲解导览奖,获得了一致好评。
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