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TOEIC Speaking – Practice on the Go

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“TOEIC Speaking" is a perfect tool for you to prepare your TOEIC Speaking test, especially if you are very busy and have little opportunity to set aside enough time and sit down for practice. With “TOEIC Speaking“, now you can prepare TOEIC Speaking anytime anywhere on the go, it makes your each minute count.

In TOEIC, remember that you will not be speaking to a live examiner. Instead, you will be wearing headphones and speaking into a microphone, so that your answer can be recorded for later evaluation by an official ETS rater. You need to get used to speaking to yourself. “TOEIC Speaking” can help you.

Recording while practicing - It is a great idea to record yourself speaking when preparing for the TOEIC test. Make notes of how and when you stress words or phrases. This is an extremely useful and effective method to improve your speaking skills because you can play back the recording to see what does not make sense and what needs to improve. Have others besides yourself review the recording and ask for feedback. Too complicated? With "TOEIC Speaking", you can easily do all of the above and much more than those!

"TOEIC Speaking" contains a full list of possible topics(questions) in TOEIC speaking test. It allows you to speak to yourself and record your own speech for every topic. Not sure how to speak for a topic? No worries, ALL topics have sample answer attached, you can review the sample answer or even recite some of the key sentences. It also allows you to write your own answer for each topic, a great way for making progress.

"TOEIC Speaking" can help you record your practice speaking for each question and listen it again to find where you did well and where you did not do well. It is believed that listen to your past records and compare them with the new ones is one of the most effective way for making progress.

Well, after practicing for some time, still not sure about your performance? No worries, just one simple tap in TOEIC Speaking, you will be able to send your recording to some TOEIC expert to review and evaluate. It is a critical way to assess and find out what is your weak point and work more focus on it will definitely help you to improve your score more rapidly.

Don't spend huge money on taking and failing in the real TOEIC test again, please use "TOEIC Speaking" and fail yourself thousand times before it!

Check out for more exciting features!

- Nearly 50 topics, each question provide SAMPLE ANSWERS!
- Free to add/delete your own topics/questions.
- Recorder, your recording is saved separately for each topic.
- Playing recording, help you analyze your weakness.
- Email your recording, have someone to assess your performance is very critical and now it has never been so easy.
- Visual Timer, help you to practice questions under the pressure of time.
- Taking notes, you can save your notes separately for each topic.
- Study material: Introduction, Study tips, Scoring standards.
- Rating the question, a great way to keep track of your study progress.