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97 Weight Loss Secrets

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Ok, we all know that diets don't work. Almost everyone puts their weight back on when they finish their diet, and then some! Then next time they diet, it's harder and the weight still goes back on. All this is gruelling for your body, it messes with your hormones and it makes you feel like a failure. Why don't we all make a pact right now to never ever diet again?!

There is another way to lose weight

Enter your very own guide to weight loss that isn't about calorie counting, restrictions, or fad diets that you can't stick to. Enter 97 Weight Loss Secrets written by me, Shazzie. I'm a TV presenter and author of five books. I've published over 500 recipes. It's my passion to help people become fit, strong and lean, and that's why I wrote this app.

As soon as you download this app, you will be able to spin a wheel of cards whenever you want inspiration, advice, support or knowledge. Spin the wheel and let destiny take charge, or choose a number and read the card, or just read through the cards like a book, one after the other. Once you've read the card, flip it over to expand on the information. There are also many useful links in the text so you can keep on learning about how to have the best body in the world (because why would you settle for less?).

Become lean, fit and strong

Find out the true psychology behind being strong, fit and beautiful for the rest of your life. No more crash diets. No more weekly weigh-ins (but if you like those, I have some fun tips for you!), and definitely no more feeling like a failure.

I wrote these cards to love and support you in your quest to have the best body possible. They are positive, inspiring, exciting, motivating and show you what's possible when you just change your perception and relationship with food.

Learn to fall in love with yourself as you are now, and you will love yourself so much that getting a super fit body is your only option. With these cards, you will find it super easy to do this, no matter where you are right now.

Everyone deserves to be able to make the most of their body temples, and with this app you can do it. You can do it now and you can stay strong, fit and lean for the rest of your days. How wonderful does that make you feel?