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Mosquito Swat HD

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How many mosquitoes can you whack before they drink all your blood? Have you got ‘swat’ it takes?

Hate mosquitoes? So do we! Now it’s time to get some rapid-fire revenge on those annoying little bugs with our fast-paced Mosquito Swat game. So, let’s get swatting.

Use your iSwat and swat them as fast as you can before your blood meter runs out. How many can you whack before you’re running on empty? Try to keep our human ‘game-space’ with as few itchy bite-marks as possible. Each successful little sucker leaves your cartoon stunt-body with a tell-tale mark.

Challenge your friends or family. Play alone or as a team but most of all swat as many as you can, as fast as you can. Watch your best score rise as your practise makes you perfect at popping these pests.


- Don’t swat the green mosquitoes-they are vegetarian. They’ll take up your time too.
- You can only swat mosquitoes that have landed – they are drinking your blood (you’ll know because start to turn red as they drink), so swat them quickly!
- You can’t swat the yellow ones-they’ve not landed or drunk anything yet (too light and nimble!)
- You can’t swat a flying red one-he’s full (your blood’s made him strong!)

Watch out for upcoming versions of Mosquito Swat to help you learn Maths and English too!

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