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iTabla Ustad

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According to legend, the famous thirteenth century Indian Poet, Amir Khusrau has been credited with the invention of this indian hand drums, which has been a very important instrument used in almost all forms of Indian music. This instrument involves extensive use of the fingers and palms of both the hands to create a variety of different sounds, reflected in mnemonic syllables or bol. Our iPad Application, this app helps you create the same legendary magic in modern music.

Come and sit down for a session with our app! Its thrilling, exciting and effortlessly beautiful!

This application comes with five different indian hand drums beats and two bass sounds. Which you can learn from its screens.

Tap on your iPad to play the instrument. You can play your iPod music in the background and play instrument along with the iPod music. You can record and play the instrument beats created by you. You can also sing and record with your selected song from iPod library and play the instrument along side as well.

What’s more, you can even record and save the recording file which will be saved in the play-list. Then you can play that recording file from saved play-list.

So, get going with this beautiful application and enjoy the beautiful music that you can create.

NOTE: The sound is very bass-intensive. For best sound quality, connect your iPad to external speakers or headphones.