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Speak American Spanish

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A great tool for English speakers to learn the American Spanish language with VIDEO and AUDIO of native speaker.

The application features hundreds of everyday phrases spoken by native speakers ranging from basic words to more complex concepts. Its a must-have for people traveling to the US & Latin America's- business people, beginner or intermediate speaker, looking for romance, visiting friends and relatives or for fun.
No internet connection required.

Topics includes:
Basics, Travel, Transportation, Hotels, Food, Shopping, Making Friends, Entertainment, Sightseeing

Features of the application

LEARN MODE provides you an interactive way to click-and-play the "AUDIO and/or VIDEO RECORDINGS" of native speakers essential for serious learners who want to study the subtleties of the language.

LISTEN MODE for easy listening of your favorite Categories while on a Bus, Airplane, Train or even sleeping. Plays the word-phrase in English-Spanish.

SEARCHABLE WORD LIST enables you to use the application like a quick-reference for common phrases in every situation.

ABOUT SPANISH lists some interesting facts about the language, its geographic location, demographics, tourist attractions and historical places
Other Languages are also available: French, Russian, Japanese, Hindi, Mandarin, Italian, Portuguese, Hebrew, Arabic, German, Bengali, Tagalog, etc. Dialects of Philippines such as Ilocano, Pangasinan, Cebuano/Visaya, Kapampangan, Bicol, Chavacano, Ilonggo , Waray are also available as well.