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Anatomy - Muscle OINA

iPhone / iPad
  • Education
  • Medical
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Master your Muscle OINA!!!

Anatomy: Muscle OINA is an app designed to help Medical, Physical Therapy, and other Allied Health students in their review of Muscle Anatomy focusing on the muscle's origin, insertion, action, nerve innervation, and blood supply.

With this app on their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, they can now review anytime and anywhere.

It is also apt for anyone who simply wants test his knowledge of muscle anatomy.


- In Notes mode, the user can easily browse and review the muscle anatomy already organized in outline form.

- In Review mode, the user can browse and review the questions, make intelligent guesses, and receive immediate feedback with a click of a button.

- In Quiz mode, the user can test his knowledge of a chosen topic. Aside from showing the score at the end of the test, the questions are shown again with the right and wrong answers marked so the user would know exactly which questions he got wrong (and thus, learn from the mistakes he made).


1. Muscles of Head and Neck
- Epicranial Muscles
- Extraocular Muscles
- Muscles of Facial Expression
- Muscles of Mastication
- Suboccipital Muscles
- Prevertebral Muscles
- Anterolateral Neck Muscles
- Superficial Neck Muscles
- Anterior Neck Muscles

2. Muscles of Torso
- Back Muscles
- Chest Muscles
- Abdominal Muscles

3. Muscles of Upper Extremities
- Shoulder Girdle and Joint Muscles
- Brachium Muscles
- Antebrachial Flexor Muscles
- Antebrachial Extensor Muscles
- Hand and Wrist Muscles

4. Muscles of Lower Extremities
- Iliac Muscles
- Gluteal Muscles
- Posterior Thigh Muscles
- Adductor Thigh Muscles
- Anterior Thigh Muscles
- Posterior Leg Muscles
- Anterolateral Leg Muscles
- Foot Muscles