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HTML5 for Dreamweaver

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This course demonstrates how to develop cross-browser compatible web sites utilizing the enhanced capabilities of the HTML5 specification. Here we detail Dreamweaver's support for HTML5, including starter pages, additional code hints, multi-screen preview, and media queries for responsive web design. We also review new tags that support native audio and video without plug-ins, creating engaging forms with number steppers, sliders, and calendars. Draw and animate using the new canvas tag. These videos also touch on how to incorporate CSS3 elements such as the @font-face declaration to include non-standard fonts in your designs.

This course covers the following topics:

Getting Started with HTML5

Course Overview
What is HTML5?
HTML5 Syntax
Why Semantics
HTML5 Starter Pages
Setting HTML5 as Default Type

Using Structural Elements

Basic HTML5 Layout
Heading and Nav Elements
Section Element
Article Element
Aside and Footer Elements
Outline Algorithm
Outlining a Document
Group Headings

Web Forms

HTML5 Form Overview
New Input Types
Using Attributes
Number and Range Inputs
Date and Time Input
Pseudo-classes in CSS3

Media and Interactive API's

Video Element
Audio Element
Canvas Element
Drawing with Canvas
Animation with Canvas

CSS3 and Media Queries
Web Fonts
Using Web Fonts
CSS3 Effects
Responsive Web Design
Implementing Media Queries

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