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Brain Works

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BrainWorks provides kids with the sensory breaks they need to function their best!

Occupational Therapists and other specialists often recommend “sensory diets” to children with sensory processing disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorders, ADHD, ADD, learning disabilities, and typically developing kids who struggle with certain forms of sensory input. Due to their sensory issues, these children often have difficulty remaining on task, engaging in social interactions, and often have frequent meltdowns. BrainWorks takes the guesswork out of what activities will be the most helpful to these children and allows parents and teachers with an easy way to provide the much-needed sensory breaks!

The BrainWorks App comes fully loaded with over 130 sensory activities and more are being created on a regular basis. The app is fully customizable and is equipped with the following features:

• Locations – the app provides different activity lists for the following four locations: Home, School, Community, Desk/Table. Custom locations can also be added.
• Sensory System Descriptions – After selecting his/her location, the child is asked to select how they are feeling by tapping the picture/title the best describes them at the moment: Just Right, Slow & Sluggish, Fast & Stressed, Fast & Hyper. For kids who are already familiar with the online version of BrainWorks or the physical BrainWorks products, a tachometer is next to each of the “Blue Guys” demonstrating the sensory speeds. The list of available activities will depend on the child’s sensory system selection.
• Activity Lists – the app provides an extensive visual list (picture and title) of default activities that may be available in each of the four locations. The adult caregiver can easily remove activities from each list based on equipment availability and appropriateness for the age of the user. Within the Settings mode, adults can read a description of the activity and see what equipment is needed for each one. Many activities do not require any equipment at all.
• Timer – the adult caregiver can determine the length of the sensory break (2 to 20 minutes). While using the app, the child will see a visual timer at the top of the screen counting down. The timer is optional and does not appear unless the adult selects it.
• Custom Activities – The adult caregiver can add sensory activities to the app by giving it a title, adding a photo, and picking which lists it should appear on.

Thousands of kids are already using the research-based BrainWorks products in their classrooms and homes. The new BrainWorks app has been created to meet the demand for this product to be available anytime and anywhere!