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Flow Rate Conversion

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Flow Rate Conversion - Convert between different units of flow rate. Volume basis, mass basis, and mole basis.

In physics and engineering, in particular fluid dynamics and hydrometry, the volumetric flow rate, (also known as volume flow rate, rate of fluid flow or volume velocity) is the volume of fluid which passes per unit time; usually represented by the symbol Q. The SI unit is m3/s (cubic metres per second). Another unit used is sccm (standard cubic centimeters per minute).

In physics and engineering, mass flow rate is the mass of a substance which passes per unit of time. Its unit is kilogram per second in SI units, and slug per second or pound per second in US customary units. The common symbol is \dot{m} (pronounced "m-dot"), although sometimes μ (Greek lowercase mu) is used.

Sometimes, mass flow rate is termed mass flux or mass current, see for example Fluid Mechanics, Schaum's et al.In this article, the (more intuitive) definition is used.