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Total Awake (โปรแกรมช่วยฝึกสติปัฏฐาน 4) is an ultimate app for people interested in mindfulness and meditation training. Total Awake provides many kinds of meditation training such as Breathing Meditation (Anapanasati), Moving Meditation and Walking Meditation (Jong Grom). Moreover, Many special alarm features make you mindful all day long, since you wake up until late night, to be your habit.

Total Awake เป็นโปรแกรมช่วย "เปลี่ยนหลงให้เป็นรู้" ฝึกสติและฝึกสมาธิ โดยมีรูปแบบการฝึกหลายรูปแบบ คือ อานาปานสติ การเจริญสติแบบเคลื่อนไหวแนวหลวงพ่อเทียน เดินจงกรม และช่วยเตือนการเจริญสติในชีวิตประจำวัน ตั้งแต่ตื่นนอนจนกระทั่งหลับไปเพื่อฝึกให้มีสติ ความรู้สึกตัวจนเป็นนิสัย

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*** Free for Buddhajanti: The celebration of 2,600 years of the Buddha's enlightenment ***


1. Golden Ratio Alarm
Make you wake up mindfully. you're able to customize the schedules by day,week with many specific alarm tones or random alarm tones.

2. Interval Alarm
You can customize schedules to alarm you in the specific duration, up to 30 times/hour, to let you doing things mindfully all day long. You can customize Special Alarm with many alert behaviors such as continuos or random, specific or random alert tones. Moreover, Total Awake will show the Special Quotes every single alert (English and Thai for Now) settings>TotalAwake>Language

3. Walking Alarm
The Alarm will warn you with the sound every single footstep to let you walk mindfully.

4. Driving Alarm
With iPhone GPS, Total Awake will tell you when you are driving OK or TOO FAST!!! (driving mindfully), when you drive with speed >20 km/h there will be an alert tone warn you, and will tell you with another alert tone if you drive >80 km/h
"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life"

5. Talking Alarm
Total Awake will keep listening your voice and will tell you if you're talking too loud!!! (talking mindfully)

6. Meditation Training
- Customize specific schedules by day,week
- Separate 1 training period into multiple sessions, fully customization for professional.
- Provide 3 meditation training modes,
Breathing Meditation - This feature will show animation and sound to be a guideline for your breath. user also can customize breathing ratio.
Moving Meditation - Special 14 tempo metronome was designed to let you change moving speed, set random pause.
Walking meditation - This feature use iPhone proximity sensor to detect your walking and will tell you with alert sound or vibration while you are doing walking meditation, user can set specific walking step for you walking meditation.

7. Sleeping Timer
Total Awake will keep playing natural scene sound or sound of Buddhism Hymn until you fall into sleep. User's able to set specific count down timer.

Extra Features
** Not just keep alert. Total Awake also provide Scoring features to evaluate your habit. App will let you score your self every hour (depend on your setting). and also provide Report to let you compare result with the previous day, week or month. Let see the improvement of your mindfulness habit with TotalAwake!!!

*** User can still have profiles to switch over the setting quickly when you are traveling or in a specific event etc.

TotalAwake has been designed for people who would like to practise meditation. While TotalAwake may help you relax and/or reduce stress. we do not claim that it is a substitute for actual medical advice from a doctor or medical professional

TotalAwake alarm have problem with Buddhist or Japanese Calendar. In order to let TotalAwake work properly please use Gregorian Calendar.

This Application use GPS on background process.
"Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life"