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Paint The Beat LT

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(This is the free edition of the app that offers all the features of the paid app except for the ability to export to video and to save and browse projects. See the app store for the pro edition.)

With Paint The Beat, visual arts get with the beat. Visual choreography. Song graffiti. This is a unique app for creative expression. It is also challenging; targetted at those interested in combining free-form visual expression and aesthetics with the music they love.

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Paint The Beat provides an intelligent canvas that lets you tap, stroke and swipe along with your favorite song or music to create moving digital visuals in conjunction with the music. Choreograph visuals to your favourite music and songs.

Choose between an in-place canvas or a canvas that scrolls like sheet music. Control the speed of scroll and the look of the time grid, bars and staves.

Start your soundtrack, pick a brush and express yourself! Interpret the music in your own style. Restart the music and add additional brushes and strokes. Build up a rich texture of visual marks, flows and colours.

A variety of brush types gives you creative control over the timeline visuals and allow you to match the output to the rhythm and mood of the music. Each brush also includes an array of editable parameters such as size, color, gravity, wind, particle drift, density, transparency and thickness, allowing a huge depth of artistic expression and creative direction. Select from many different brush types such as smooth strokes, circles, blooms, taps and ripples.

A playback panel allows you to fast‐forward and rewind through songs to add multiple layers of beautiful graphics; edit mode lets you delete unwanted strokes.

Paint The Beat is a beautiful app that provides a new artistic paradigm and approach for exploring music and visual arts.


* Select songs and tracks from your Music library.
* Intelligent canvas allows you to draw in conjunction with the audio output.
* Added scrolling canvas with time grid and music staves
* Change grid, staves, bars, spacing, colour and speed
* A variety of brushes types: smooth stroke, discrete stroke, circles, tap, ripple, bloom.
* Beautiful fluid, smooth and natural strokes.
* Transparency effects and several textures.
* Brushes included editable parameters for huge possibilities.
* Start and end colours, transparency, thickness, speed sensitive,
* Texture, density, duration, drift, wind, gravity.
* Fast­forward and rewind to create many layers, or edit out mistakes.
* Delete individual stokes or by brush and frame range.
* Endless creative possibilities.