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The successor to Kinematics+, Physics+ is here. Physics+ is one of the few calculators that you can talk to and learn from. That's right, you can talk to it.

Physics+ presents a well-designed, elegant interface designed by a high school physics student that is specifically tailored to high school physics students.

Physics+ is an intelligent app. It takes your user input of whatever variables you might happen to be given in a physics problem, detects what you are solving for, and dynamically shows its work, meaning it shows all steps taken to arrive at its answer in both symbol and notation form. It would be like a teacher or peer showing you how to do the problem step-by-step.

With voice control, you can talk to Physics+. It picks up negative numbers, decimals, and exponents, and you can tell it to calculate the equation or even clear an individual variable. And the best part is, all voice control is done completely within the app, so no internet connection is required.

It can solve equations from these units (and will be updated frequently):

Simple Motion
Newton's Third Law
Impulse and Momentum
Collisions and Explosions
Kinetic Energy
Gravitational Potential Energy
Heat Energy
Static Electricity
Current Electricity