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Age of Mech Empires - Strategy Defense Game for Kids Boys Girls Teens and Adults

iPhone / iPad
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The ultimate TD game for your iPhone/iPod!!!

SIX different towers on your arsenal, more then 15 enemies, two great scenarios and a IA that you have never seen before!

Place your towers at strategical positions to avoid enemies reaching your base!

With a IA algorithm! Enemies are clever at all! They know where your turrets are, and decide different strategies to reach your base. You feel like you are fighting against an army, not only 3D models, amazing sounds and effects :-)

This is the actual scenario:

The year is 2150.

Human kind is almost extinct. The only job available it is on the army. I never saw a river or a forest, only on pictures of my grandfathers.

Today, all you can see is war. Two big corporations are fighting for the full control of the planet. The Anti National Order and the Global Salvation.

We from the Global Salvation don't care about money anymore, the only thing that matters is to save the planet and the ones who lives in it!

But i can`t say the same about the Anti Nacional Order. They are trying to eliminate our initiative. The ANO as we call, are worried about the survival of their own personal. We can`t blame them, because there is no food or water for everyone. But we want to change it!

Our mission is to use our technology to stop the invasion of ANO at any cost!

While we develop technology to save lives, they develop tanks, helicopters, airplane bombers and other powerfull armory.

We have some turrets for our protection, and we need a hero in our side, to stop the ANO waves of attack!

This is your arsenal available:

The fastest tower for our defenses! A little week, but with the right strategy, can be a killer.

Strong fire power. It is a cheap and very strong tower.

This is a flamethrower tower. Humiliate your enemies with this tower. The fire will continue burning the enemy after he is out of range.

Use this tower to tell our SAM Satellite where is the enemy. The Radar Tower can attack only air units.

Rocket laucher tower. Very strong missiles to hit your target.

Electric tower, the damage is not that big, but slow down the enemy speed! Mix this tower with others to get full advantage of it.