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小朋友學中文- 認字、寫字及學常識系列 1 ( 以廣、普、英三語發音及透過多種多媒體內容互動學習 Learn Chinese - Traditional)

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免費試玩 --- Free (共19組生字咭)
1.歡迎來到農場 Welcome to the Farm (10)
2.森林探險 Forest Adventure (9)

第一冊 --- Volume 1 (共48組生字咭) [需內建購買]
1.在田野裡 Welcome to the Field (12)
2.暢遊海洋 In the Ocean (7)
3.在極地 The Extremes (6)
4.五彩的大自然 The Colorful Nature (7)
5.季節 Seasons (8)
6.白天和夜晚 Daytime and Night Time (8)

第二冊 --- Volume 2 (共41組生字咭) [需內建購買]
1.小路漫步 Walking along the Road (7)
2.在海灘上 On the Beach (8)
3.我的一天 My First Day (5)
4.學習 My Learning (4)
5.我的城市 My City (10)
6.交通工具 Transport (7)


Let ‘s learn Chinese in a FUN way, to write and pronounce them in Mandarin and Cantonese, along with the English translation and pronunciation. This App also offers demonstration of how to write the Chinese characters and provide writing exercise on the touch screen!

This is not just another traditional App for learning Chinese. We have repackaged the entire learning experience into a game like interaction that are laden with multimedia presentations of pictures, photos, videos, voice storytelling, folk songs, and games surrounding the characters to be taught.