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Chat and Track

iPhone / iPad
  • Social Networking
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Chat and track lets you chat with your friends at NO COST and let you send or receive someone’s exact location, with just two easy taps of the screen. Request locality from an unlimited number of friends, or show them where you are. All you need is internet access, a device with GPS and Chat and Track. Click “…More” to learn why you should download this App today!

You’re trying to meet up with your friend in an unfamiliar area. He never was good in giving directions and he doesn’t know the city enough to guide you anyway. After numerous phone calls back and forth, you give up in frustration. Figuring there’s nothing else to do, you pull over to ask for directions from a local.

You don’t have to go through all of that, anymore!
Chat and Track will spot your friend’s location on a map and you can get the directions between you, on your device, so now you know exactly where they are and how to get to them.

This app is great for meeting up with people, tracking employees or even checking up on your significant other’s location. Any time you need or want to see the last or current location of someone on your friend’s list, you merely have to give your phone screen a couple of taps and you’ll know.

Don’t be fooled by others who seem to think that the only way to find out someone’s phone location is by entering the number. It’s simply not true anymore. Phone Tracker & Chat communicates with another phone when activating the GPS. In fact, it is the only way that you can find out someone’s exact location on a map.

Participating in the location request and sending doesn’t cost anything. All you need is your regular internet service to transfer the data. Turn on your Notification and Location Services then you’re good to go on any phone with GPS and push notification functioning.

Don’t worry about security when using Phone Tracker & Chat. The app requires a username, and requests for location positioning must be approved by the phone owner before any information is revealed. No one can view your position without your consent.

You get an unlimited friend’s list, so add as many people as you want. Everyone will receive a location update or request notification, even if the App is closed, so no one will miss the latest location of a friend.

Please be aware that from this full version you can communicate with your friends who has full/free versions when the app is open. If the app is closed you can receive alerts only from another full version. So, the alerts are working only for full version to full version,
and free version - free version!

Check out the features you get when you download Chat and Track:
* Send/Receive messages within seconds
* Get directions between your location and your friend's location
* Chat with your friends
* Save the history of your conversations and view it whenever you want
* View your friend's location in time from saved history
* Change background colors of the chat view
* Make your own colors for the chat view
* Choose the sound you want to hear when you receive an alert.
* Very easy to use – just 2 taps to send, request or receive a location.
* The only way you can find someone’s exact location on a map and at no extra cost.
* Works even if the App is not running
* Unlimited friend’s list
* Attach images to your friends
* Displays accuracy values.
* Works on any iPhone with GPS
* iPod touch can receive GPS data but cannot send.
* now only in sale for $0,99.

Chat and Track is a great way to get and stay connected. It’s on sale for only $0.99, so this is the perfect opportunity for you and your friends to grab a copy. Better hurry though; this is a limited time offer.

Go ahead and download the App now.