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See what's hot among your friends in five minutes each day without needing to wade through check-in tweets and other noise.

Do you know that only 36% of tweets are good reads? Unfortunately Twitter doesn't highlight these tweetworthy tweets. Why? Because everybody have their own notion of what tweets are worthy.

TweetaScope helps you quickly see what your friends are talking about and discover your own 36% useful tweets. Say goodbye to wading through crappy check-in tweets and hello to top trending topics that's unique in your tribe!

With TweetaScope you'll get:

* An instant word cloud summary of your Twitter timeline.
* Easily jump-in to interesting conversations with your tweeps.
* Quickly discover hot news in real-time as it happens.

Why use TweetaScope?

* Paul Dunay of Avaya made a $250k sales by listening to people's needs in Twitter.
* Social media is so important to Gatorade, they run a mission control room fully staffed just to monitor Twitter!

So why wait? Download TweetaScope now and nothing can stand between you and those actionable tweets!