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Kobito Cards

iPhone / iPad
  • Entertainment
  • Education
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Kobito Zukan, successful picture book series selling over 1.8 million copies is now available as an iPhone app!
Enjoy learning about the Kobito (little people) and the Japanese alphabet using 22 different Kobito cards, which explain how they live, including little hanagashira and kakure momojiri.

In the Card Play mode, you can choose to go up against The Kid or The Wise Old Man! The first to get 6 cards wins the game.
The Wise Old Man is a strong opponent and you will need to train hard in order to beat him!

As you continue to win more games, more information will be added to your Kobito study book, a book that tells you all about each of the Kobito and how they live.
Once you fill your study book, you will receive a special gift from the world’s leading Kobito researcher, Dr. Hakase. See if you can fill your study book!


(1) Card Play
This is a game mode that allows you to play cards. 6 picture cards will appear on the screen. Tap the cards to take them before The Kid or The Wise Old Man.
If you tap the wrong card your opponent will win so you need to be fast but also careful!
The Kid: Normal strength
The Wise Old Man: Very strong

(2) Study book
The study book is a guide book to help you learn more about the lives of the Kobito. Remember to write your name on the front cover.
The more card games you win, the more information about the lives of the Kobito will be added to your study book.
In this mode, you can also spend as much time as you want browsing through the picture cards you don’t really get the chance to see while you are playing.
Receive a special gift from Dr. Hakase when you have collected all the picture cards.

(Original picture book description) From the EhonNavi website
The extremely popular Kobito have made their debut in their own iPhone app.
A range of new Kobito has been added to original members for more fun and mischief! The app also includes a study book to learn more about the funny and mischievous Kobito.

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