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The Periodic Table.

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WAGmob brings you Simple 'n Easy, on-the-go interactive learning app for Periodic Table of Elements. This app provides detailed information of various periodic table elements beautifully.

It is a well composed, handy lookup tool for high-school and college students as well as teachers to learn more about 118 chemical elements. Elements are represented in conventional format of groups and periods and are color-coded based on their respective categories.

The app is made interactive via intelligent controls, small pop-up cards, quizzes, flashcards, and colorful detailed tutorials.

App tools include search, bookmark, and facebook integration.

• Search: Provides fast and filtered access to needed information. You can quickly find an element and its detailed info just by typing in its name or symbol.

• Bookmark: Quick access option to mark specific details or section for further look-up.

• Facebook Integration: Allows you to share your thoughts on your Facebook wall.

App is continuously updated based on your feedback. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed.

Each element info includes details such as:

• Element Name
• Element Symbol
• Atomic Mass
• Atomic Number
• Atomic Structure
• Electron Configuration
• Melting Point
• Boiling Point
• Crystal Structure
• Density
• Appearance
• Isotopes
• Number of Protons and Neutrons and much more.

App includes detailed information on following element categories:

Alkali Metals,
Alkaline Earth Metals,
Noble Gases,
Other Non-Metals,
Post-Transition Metals,
Transition Metals.

App includes following quiz categories:

Quiz on Element Symbol,
Quiz on Element Name,
Quiz on Atomic Number,
Quiz on Element Category,
Quiz on Element Appearance.

App includes following flashcard categories:

Flashcards on Actinoids,
Flashcards on Alkali Metals,
Flashcards on Alkaline Earth Metals,
Flashcards on Halogens,
Flashcards on Lanthanoids,
Flashcards on Metalloids,
Flashcards on Noble Gases,
Flashcards on Non-Metals,
Flashcards on Post-Transition Metals,
Flashcards on Transition Metals.

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