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* most easier and faster way to use flash and recording App.

* Are you looking for your useful tool app like voice recorder or flash light in your smart phone for using?
Anywhere you installed it on your screen,
you can run this App way fast!!!
(FYI : )

* Many country, many people download this App in the world.
* Experience most useful and convenient voice record and hand light App.

* No matter where you install this App in your iPhone screen, you can run "SoDoRec@" as faster as you can.
(iOS5.0 or later)

* in One App : the most frequently used functions.

* All-in-One : Voice Recorder!!! and additional function( flash light and extra function (will add next update))

* No matter where you can run this app and turn on light or start recording. (iOS5.0 or later)

SoonDoRec@ put together voice recorder and additional functions that are the most commonly used.
No matter where the app is installed, it will run. (iOS5.0 or later)

* Features
1. No matter where installed, can be executed immediately (iOS 5.0 or later)
Don't spend time to fine a App that you installed when you are hurry like recording voice.
one setting, soon do it.
2. The locked screen, background will still be recorded
- During recording, if screen locking is possible to continue recording.
Pressing the Home button to continue recording is available.
3 wav and caf, two kinds of format supported.
- you can run wave file in Window OS pc without converting.
4. Recording file transfer
- E-mail can be sent to the recorded files.
- can copy record file in your app by iTunes program.
5. Provides basically flash function in addtion.
- very powerful flash light in additional function.

* notice.
[about Voice Recorder]
If you do not have the iPhone's storage capacity, recording may not be smooth.
Please secure sufficient storage space.

[about flash - additional function]
- Continued use of the flash can dramatically reduce the amount of battery life may be.
check out the battery status while using SoonDoRec@